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Frequently Asked Questions



Equilibrium is an emotional intelligent model based on an individual’s personalized investment avatar that analyzes petabytes of data on his behalf. It reflects user’s mindset, improves rationality, efficiency and eliminates confirmation bias.


It is a solution against Global Financial Contagion presented with market manipulation, insider trading, and inefficient markets.

How it works?

(1)  Take a simple test to create your Avatar

(2) Connect your exchange account with API keys

(3) Select subscription Plan

Enjoy observing your twin doing everything for you 24/7.

What’s inside?

Our Investment Avatar has over 1000+ indicators, 9 timeframes, and many personality groups that it uses to improve user portfolio results, decrease market manipulation, and decrease confirmation bias

How to find my API keys?

Equilibrium allows you to use your set of API keys from current exchange accounts. After the AML/KYC and registration is passed, your unique wallet address will be assigned which is also used to help identify your account.

How to connect to API keys?

User integrates his API key(s) through previously created exchange accounts to automate his portfolio

How would you make profits?

Users generates profits after calibration specifications are applied through the execution of trades and the management of the users portfolio.


How to deposit funds?

User funds can be deposited in BTC through multiple different streams. You can deposit funds through exchange accounts, Coinbase Commerce and Coingate. If you decide to pay with USD currency Stripe, Paypal are also available.

How to withdraw funds?

When the bot executes trades successfully it withdraws funds from the prepaid account based on % of performance. To keep Avatar active and generate profits, the account must be prepaid beforehand

What’s the cost?

$22 / monthly subscription


Trading Risk: Participants in any market are warned that they should pay close attention to their position and holdings, and how they may be impacted by sudden and adverse shifts in trading and other market activities

Computer Trading / Technical Trading: If operator is incorrect in his interpretation of technical information, the pool may suffer a loss

Electronic Trading Risks: Pool may experience losses due to system failures. As with any financial transaction, Pool may experience losses if its orders cannot normally be executed due to system failures on a regulated account

Stop Orders: If stop orders are used to enter or exit the market, the user should be aware that there is no guarantee such orders to become market orders when “triggered” and do not ensure that the order will be filled at a price stated on the stop order. Thus, it can reduce the profit or even increase the loss

The Investment Avatar is a long-term trader, an active trader, and a day trader: Although it is difficult to estimate the number of trades that may be made since fundamental factors will determine the trades, it is possible that trade, or trades, may be made several days in a row, then no trades may occur for several days. The potential user should consider this carefully before using