Once the global “greed” or “poverty” problems solved and AI-avatars show positive balance on the long-term in finance - it will be transmitted to the daily task decision making process. Improving two main assets humanity neglects:

  • Time 

  • Personal Value

Time - Creating perfect work / life balance. 

PV - defining logical proven disposition on early stages in career path of each individual and saving his time on life path uncertainty.* 

After satisfying physiological, safety, love, esteem needs - our final need or goal is to improve ourselves with bringing a value to humanity.

To solve a global issue - is a significant value.

10 global issues we should be aware of: 

Food Security, Inclusive growth, Future of work, Climate change, Global financial crisis, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Gender equality, Global trade and Investment frameworks, Long-term investment strategy, Future of Healthcare

To add, the 11th preceding global issue is human inefficiency. Once it is solved other ones will be solved within a couple decades.  

*Note: avg. person has 12 jobs per life and spends:

  1. 6302 days - on education 

  2. 300 days - on job search

  3. (III) 600 days - on 10 attempts if doing your own business


ask yourself

How much time do I spend?

  • at Work;

  • with Family; 

  • to Generate Value.

How much money do I actually need to satisfy all of my needs?

  • Self Actualization;

  • Esteem;

  • Love;

  • Safety;

  • Physiological.

How much does one hour of my life cost*?

  • At work

  • With family

  • During routine actions / tasks

*not the one you have in your employment agreement

do i make efficient, rational conscious decisions or i just follow the crowd?