Equilibrium - Your Investment Avatar

Equilibrium - Your Investment Avatar


Product Overview

75% of global trading has been automated with algorithms. FinTech companies disrupting brokerage business with commission free apps and some of them have above 4 million accounts opened within a last two years.

We offer to replace $85T investment advising industry with an AI-Avatar “Equilibrium”

Equilibrium - Emotionally Intelligent Behavior Model executed by personalized investment avatar.

Equilibrium has your mindset and at the same time can analyze petabytes of data to eliminate potential risks of confirmation bias effect.

It takes rational, efficient and objective decisions on your behalf, based on 4 data sets that human brain can not analyze naturally due to emotions, natural irrationality or simply because of the large volumes of data.  

Equilibrium is not a software or trading bot programmed to execute investment decisions in the same manner for everyone, it is Not a next robo-advising bot - it represents a copy of your mindset but with the an improved decision making process synchronized with other market participants.


User takes a test with three sections to define EQ, Style and Risk Tolerance metrics. Once avatar is calibrated it will be matched with one out of nine strategies with the relevant risk / reward parameters. Imminent emotions to consider are Fear, Greed, Hope, Regrets.

Once the strategy defined : it will take onto the count petabytes of data, will use 1000+ indicators to allow AI-avatar execute trades on your behalf.

Once, you have your own AI-avatar who executes trades 24/7 in the best of your interest and acts neither as a speculant, nor robo-advisor, but virtual improved you - you don’t need an investment advisor anymore.  

You trust Google when looking for answers, what if you have a unique AI-avatar that works as a solution against market manipulations, insider trading, inefficient markets and repeats your successful micro decisions constantly?

Eventually, based on blockchain and synchronization with other market participants it may lead to the reversal positive financial contagion effect.

Results: efficient markets, efficient distribution of wealth and global economy without recessions. 

Research study: people make 35,000 decisions per day total. If doing trading / portfolio management or relying on investment advisor’s decisions: how many of them are profitable, rational and efficient on the long term?