Who We Are 




to solve global financial contagion Problem


Equilibrium or EQBM Inc. - Emotionally Intelligent Behavior Model executed by personalized Investment Avatar.

Designed to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio on your behalf. EQBM is based on your mindset with the feature to eliminate confirmation bias and the capacity to take into account petabytes of data when analyzing trading or investment decisions.

We are not a trading bot. Each user will have their own AI-avatar, therfore no investment advisors are required. All avatars will be personalized and will rely on four sets of data that is compiled with specific metrics based on: nine separate strategies, fifteen types of personality, four core emotions, twenty shades of these emotions and more than a thousand of indicators.

We take into account numerous amounts of variables and implement them thru neural networks that represent your and only your personality.


Equilibrium (EQBM Inc.) – is a FinTech Company founded in on November 13th of 2018, registered as a C-Corp in the US has its main goal to solve Global Financial Contagion Problem.

We are specialized in quantitative analysis and portfolio management, behavioral finance, neural networks.

The gap between retail investors and institutional investors is continually increasing. The main reason being is the lack of access to the tools that Wall Street utilizes. For the retail investor, it is extremely hard to compete in an environment where 90% of trades are executed by automated algorithms. At the same time, the decision-making process for the investors who are still trying to compete with the Investment Banks (despite the fact mentioned above) is behavioral or emotional, rather than rational. 

Our solution is the fully adjustable cryptocurrency AI trading/investment bot that considers petabytes of data, not just quantitative but recalculation of a humans actions and behaviors. It works for all types of assets, and the primary goal of this tool is to exclude irrational thinking by creating and involving a customized AI - avatar. 

This means that an investor/trader has to pass the calibration process on what emotions prevail the most: greed, fear, hope, regret. Things that have historically caused a recession, a crowd of investors who are not objective when markets are changing at a fast pace. Eventually, we believe all market participants will benefit from using this bot. Low volatility, transparency not just for transactions on the blockchain network but taking into consideration this data and including it for decreasing the overall market manipulation risks caused by institutional investors, exchanges, government, etc. 

In the pre-final stage of the bot development, the tool adjusts itself based on the fundamental factors, technical indicators, quantitative data, and behavioral indicators that can be identified when defining investor’s patterns. When the bot has 1000 indicators, not an investor, but the software itself picks what strategy fits best for his “specifics” or risk tolerance.

Once these specifications are defined, the bot transmits/executes trades with metrics and strategies that fit investors personality and criteria. If the investor decides to keep the bot with a default setting, it will consider all 1000 criteria. In this case, there is a high risk of not fitting the market changes, since conservative and aggressive types of investment represent different types of mindset and stress factor levels. 

Based on the initial source code. Once the bot reaches the point of the perfect artificial execution, it may be used not just in finance but in the decision-making process on a daily basis in the human life routine. 

  • How many decisions do people make every day?

  • How many of them are successful?

  • How many of them do people repeat? 

  • How rational are these decisions? 

Equilibrium focuses on fixing/improving these decisions on financial markets and eventually will evolve as a daily life helper. Irrational micro decisions that lead a user to the poor macro results of their portfolio - our goal is to change this.


No more "trade war" for natural sources. Total revaluation of intellectual human sources to build a new economy of efficient markets. A global market where you have IT professionals as a regulator with no territory borders or "walls". An environment where improving yourself and creating value helps everyone and is a basic need everyone can acquire.